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Yes, yes, I'm currently in Seoul. You've found me out.

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My eye bags are out of control.

I look like those sad white tear-stained dogs. 

I’m going to bed. 

Looking for employment just reminds me of how ignorant some people are in terms of ethnicity and nationality. 

Fucking give me a fucking break. 

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Anonymous asked: can you post the website or # for the laser place you go to?

Sure! Here’s the english version of the site: 

Just scroll to the bottom for the generic number. Last time I had to call them to move an appointment, and they totally were able to do it for me, even though I have no idea which location the number actually calls. 

Hope this helps. 

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Sitting next to someone with extreme garlic breath. I am not a vampire but I’m dying.

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kanggsy asked: Where's the best dog cafe in your opinion?

Hi kanggsy! My current favorite is this place called Perpet by Gangnam! The owner is super kind and the dogs are suuuper lovely. I’m obsessed with dog cafes, they’re my unofficial therapy sessions. if you ever want to go to one, I’d be down to come with! :) 

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bella-vida-en-seoul said: 5 treatments for 30/40 each or total?

Total!!!! :D 

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kyeoa asked: that story sounds like something i would encounter... T_T anyways i was wondering how much wynn(?) charged for the hair removal. :D

Hey kyeoa! The underarms for 5 treatments is like.. $30-$40, so really cheap for that many treatments. Bikini line was more pricey, but also for 5 sessions, so it was $150 I think?? Or something like that. But if you divide it all up, it’s super cheap and still way better than trying to do it in say, America haha. Hope that helps! 

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Busan flashback. 🌊🌞
girllookitthatbody-ahh asked: I think her name is Jessica Williams; she is a delight <3

Yay thanks! I agree. She really is :)

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