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Meyer Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, with Chamomile Whip by Two Red Bowls on Flickr.

Mmmm get in my belly, holy crap. 
Hey, all! It’s 6am in Korea and I’m awake! :)

This current post-LASEK life doesn’t allow me to be very active, so I don’t fall asleep sleepy, and I wake up wide-eyed at ungodly hours. 

Not all that bad, I managed to finish editing my next youtube video. I feel like this time, it took me so long because it’s embarrassing as hell. HAHA. No joke. You’ll see what I mean.. It’s rendering as I type! 

My eyes are slowly healing, but healing well. I really should stay away from the computer. 

For the month of July, I’ve been unemployed, if you didn’t already know. It’s been both glorious and terrible at the same time. No distraction from my life. Talk about anxietyyy. 

I recently started applying to jobs again. Already had an interview, but declined because the hours and pay were wack. I have another interview next week, but then I realized, why rush? (Besides the sake of keeping distance from financial burdens) I don’t need to rush into a job right now. It’s harder for me to find more ideal jobs and for a moment, I forgot, because lets not forget, Korea doesn’t like hiring Asians who need E-2 sponsorship. I keep saying I’ll do a video rant about it, but I forget/I’m awfully afraid of offending the majority of well, you know. People. 

I’d have to do a big ‘ol disclaimer beforehand “DO NOT HATE ME. BUT THIS SHIT HAPPENS. DON’T BE IGNORANT. ALSO, DON’T HATE ME.” 

Makes me think of that random video of that girl who said M.A.C employees were racist lol. I just think most are snobby, if anything, but M.A.C is expensive, and if you don’t “look” expensive, they won’t want to give you the time of day. 

But with everything, there are exceptions. I try not to dwell on it too much. I’ll find a job that fits what I want, or I won’t and I’ll just hold off until I really, have to work. 

And I shall end this with a question, 

Where can I go to print or make business cards here in Seoul? I just need like, maybe 200 just to start out with. But I don’t want to spend over $20 for 200. Unreasonable? I don’t know. Because I don’t know. Do you know? 

Maybe being awake this early isn’t the best idea lol

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Recovering from LASEK..

It’s been 3 days now. I can’t wait to be fully healed! 

Ok time to go, my eyes are tired now lol

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Going through all the blogs I follow so I can refollow on my


(I know, I’m really indecisive. I make a new one, then just delete it and go back to this one. This one just feels so safeeee. But no way in hell do I want certain people to know about this tumblr. It’s way too private/personal via archives.)

But I’ll never let this one go. It’s been like 5 years. Never everrrrr. 

I want my new tumblr to feel more like home though (via same dashboard) sooo here we gooo! :) 

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Pretty sure there was a cicada in the taxi.. 

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Alright! Bad news.

Well actually, good news is that I don’t have to go to the Seocho immigration office.

Bad news is I have to come back to immigration tomorrow. I need new photos, my bf to sign something, and better proof of residence.

Uh more good news (I think) is that the immigration lady said to go straight to her tomorrow and that I won’t have to take a number to wait. Woohoo VI immigration pass. Kind of. If she remembers me. And vice versa.

Oh goodness, I’m tired. I feel like I’d be less tired if it wasn’t so hot and humid.

Wow idk where this taxi driver is going. I’m gonna go. Adios~

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Spending the day in different immigration offices.

I feel like there’s a disconnect between branches. The one in Donggak told me to go to Mokdong, but now that I’m finally here, there’s apparently a new map saying where I live falls under the Seocho office. Donggak whyyyyyyyy u do dis to meeeee?!

Also the guy sitting at the end of the bench keeps shaking his fucking leg and it’s vibrating the whole bench. Go sit on a bench by yourself and shake your leg all you fucking want. Fuck!

And I know I speak Viet and all, but my family’s dialect is different than most others. The ones I hear right now in the immigration office are making me cringe.. It’s just so jarringly tonal. Jarringly is not a word. Noted.

Despite all of this, even if I have to continue my immigration “adventure” tomorrow, I spent about 40min at this random thrift booth place thingy in the middle of a subway station hallway place thingy and got SOOO much shit. THIS IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION. I was holding soo many hangers and clothes that the ajummas thought I worked there. They thought I WORKED there.

Everything was ₩1,000 and ₩2,000. So my grand total was just ₩15,000. It felt like a mini Goodwill almost.
I am so excited!!! I want to do a thrift haul video now. I am just so excited about my finds!!!


Man, I’m such a girl.

3 more days until LASEK!


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Public School Fall 2014